Rebel Routine

Usually members of a Christian Denomination ask: “What is the church where you meet?”
However, the main part of the question is not “going” or “not going” “to Church” (stone building with a clergy). I think it is not the rightest question.
The question is: “How Christians live their daily lives?”. Of course, this question is more unconfortable than the other.
Church is a FLESH building, not a STONE building.
In the Gospels the name “(God’s) Kingdom” is quoted about one hundred times while “Church” only twice.
Why so much so-called Christians preffer before talking one hundred times about “Church” and only twice? about “(God’s) Kingdom”? A Church without God’s Kingdom (Beatitudes) is no God’s Church, but other thing, only a human religious group. “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness” (Romans 1:18)
Church hasn’t been created for itself but for the World, for unbelievers. Jesus said in Luke 5:32. “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Rebel Routine


When “Christians” contend not for the faith once delivered but for their “right” to self-gratification you can be assured the church is in the troubling throes of apostasy! ~ JLW

James 4:17

Those who have been constrained by the love of Christ shall consider no sacrifice is too great to do for him. They will do for love of Him that which they would never have done for material gain. They won’t count their lives as at all precious, but as a means. They will spend and be spent so that men do not perish without having heard the Gospel.

Isn’t that a huge task? Yes, huge, but not impossible.
The immensity of the task is indicated by the following graphic display of the 1980’s world in miniature: If we in our imagination reduce the world to a population of one thousand, 290 of them would be professing Christians and 710 would not. Of the 290 professing Christians, 70 would be Protestants. Almost half of this mini-world, ie 500, would not have heard of the name of Christ, but many of them would have heard of Marx or Mohammed.
Meanwhile, 35% of the wealth of this world would be in the hands of Protestants, who’d consume 16% of all the food produced (being themselves just 7% of the population, which is an indication of greed in mathematically irrefutable data). They would make sure of ensuring secure stocks for the future, while the rest of the population was going hungry (physically and spiritually).
How is the world to be won for Christ in this generation with statistics such as the above? Impossible, unless there are men and women who love God with all their heart, and love their neighbor as themselves. The task will only be accomplished with the dedication and devotion springing from a real love, that is, in action for for action.

“You call me light and do not believe me.
You call me the way and do not walk my way.
You call me life and do not desire me.
You call me Master and do not follow me.
You call me Lord and do not serve me.
You say that I’m rich and do not ask me for anything.
You say that I’m Merciful and do not trust in me.
You say that I am the Avenger and do not fear me.”

“The devil is an “evangelist” too!  The church believes it has won the world to God, but the world has won the church to the devil!” ~Britt Williams

Teach me to love the souls that perish.
That my heart and soul
appreciate contact with you,
And give me love
as that of the One who gave his Son,
to give salvation to the lost.
the cause is lost, unless Love motivates it.




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